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SA Taxis Articles

Retire these relics so we can all get around more easily

THERE will be regret at the passing of the historic W-class trams. But the fact is that elderly and disabled people can't cope with boarding and alighting these old trams. The sheer vertical "drop" of the boarding step is unsafe for those with balance problems.

Why Not Just Ban P-platers Altogether?

I CANNOT believe the stupidity of the new P-plate passenger limits (The Age, 7/2). Designated drivers will not work as a method of reducing drink-driving if every second person at a party must be sober. It will not happen. This measure would need to be associated with a sharp more

Armando's Car Is Like A Breath Of Spring

Armando Raish has been driving taxis for 14 years. In spring, he picks fresh gardenias and decorates the air vents of his Legion taxi with the fragrant blooms. In summer, it's roses always to bring cheer to his customers. Mr Raish, who has a Lebanese surname and more